Book Series

The SABIS® Book Series is the foundation of the SABIS® curriculum as well as an essential product in the licensing package.

More than 1,800 books in a variety of core subjects comprise the series, which is available for licensing by subject or as a complete package for classes in kindergarten through high school, ranging from English and Spanish to math, social studies, and science. In addition to English, the SABIS® Book Series is offered in a variety of languages, including Arabic, French, Kurdish, Portuguese, and Spanish.

All SABIS® books are designed to dovetail with the SABIS® curricula and follow the SABIS Point System® method of teaching.

The SABIS® Book Series is complemented by additional teacher-support materials and is aligned with a range of state standards as well as external exam requirements such as the AP®, IGCSE, and A Levels.

Each year, in keeping with SABIS®’s ongoing pursuit of excellence, the SABIS® Book Series undergoes careful quality revision by the SABIS® Academic Development Department to continuously ensure that the SABIS® Book Series remains dynamic, comprehensive, and suited to the needs of a rapidly changing, global society.

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