Information Technology

SABIS® has been engaged in research, development, and design of educational software and systems for more than 60 years, with the aim of helping students achieve their full potential. From computerized testing centers that monitor and assist student learning to an online Internet portal that allows students to access homework and assessment reports, technology plays a key role in the SABIS® Educational System.

The organization uses information technology (IT) to optimize learning, improve academic results, enhance teacher efficiency, and reinforce communication across the schools in the global SABIS® School Network. These efforts are made possible through the organization’s team of committed and experienced IT personnel who work around the clock to develop sophisticated software systems and the organization’s high-standards of operation which earned it internationally-recognized ISO 9001:2008 and CMMI Maturity Level 3 certifications.

The complete licensing package provides access to the full range of IT products that are available to all SABIS® schools.

SABIS® School Management System

The SABIS® School Management System (SSMS) is the backbone of the information management process in SABIS® schools. Through the SSMS and its user-friendly software modules, schools are able to keep track of all student data and progress, including initial inquiry, application process, student registration and course enrollment, student attendance and discipline, exam results, and overall grades as well as participation in the SABIS Student Life Organization®.

SABIS® Exam Management System

The SABIS® Exam Management System (EMS) has been designed to assist in the efficient creation and maintenance of a complete bank of exam questions that allows for exams to be generated with the press of a button. Various types of class-wide and individual assessments are available for traditional paper-based or computer-based delivery. Created instantaneously from a centralized bank of thousands of questions for all subjects, these exams can be customized in terms of difficulty and question type to effectively measure student performance.

Integrated in EMS is a Failed Concepts module that aims to better monitor students’ performance. This module gathers all the failed concepts from a specific exam undertaken by each individual student and prepares a customized Failed Concepts practice session for each one. After students sit for an exam and results are analyzed, peer tutoring or a group study session is arranged for students with failed concepts. The Failed Concepts session is then administered to check whether learning gaps were in fact filled.

There are two main computer-based testing products. These are the SABIS Integrated Testing and Learning® (ITL®) platform and PrepList.

SABIS Integrated Testing and Learning® System

The SABISIntegrated Testing and Learning® (ITL®) System is a revolutionary computerized system that allows learning to be combined with testing, thereby providing immediate feedback and learning opportunities through seamlessly integrating testing and learning activities. Exams are corrected immediately and students can retake the incorrectly answered questions during the same exam session by reviewing the part of the book related to those questions directly on their computer screens. These multiple retakes prevent the formation of learning gaps and allow students to fully grasp the material.


PrepList is a value-added application that responds to individual student learning needs. By compiling the concepts or questions that students did not firmly grasp and generating tailored practice tests to address those gaps, PrepList maximizes students’ performance.

The entire process is automated and requires no setup on the part of the student or the school administration. Each student’s PrepList pool of questions is updated daily to reflect the latest available data and students can log in any time, from home or school, to use the application.

SSMS Reports

SSMS provides for the issuance of hundreds of reports to monitor students’ grades, discipline records, and attendance records, among others. These timely, wide-ranging reports represent the ultimate communication tool for administrators and teachers to stay in the know about students’ progress and behavior at school. Gaps are pinpointed and the appropriate solutions are implemented to fill those gaps.

SSMS Alerts

SSMS Alerts is an automatic monitoring tool used to alert school administrators to unusual or special conditions detected by SSMS regarding students’ attendance, discipline, and academic performance. These conditions range from inconsistent academic performance, frequent absences, and infractions to exceptional, positive events and trends. SSMS Alerts allow administrators to spend their time taking the necessary action to maximize learning in the classroom without having to spend the time to retrieve and analyze large amounts of data manually.

SSMS Tracker

SSMS Tracker is a multifunction SABIS® software application that revolutionizes data tracking and generation. With four built-in functionalities--View, Manage, Take Action, and Follow-up--it ensures a faster and more efficient decision-making process. SSMS Tracker allows users to view real-time data anytime for analysis; manage the data through a range of customization features; take action through timely E-mails and letters; and easily follow up on actions taken through reminders and alerts.

SABIS® Student ybook

Fully integrated into SSMS, SABIS® Student ybook has been designed to show school administrators all students’ necessary information in a user-friendly dashboard. The SABIS® Student ybook is the ideal one-stop facility to add different types of notes about the student, attach files, and print SSMS reports. Administrators can then build on this student information dashboard during parent meetings or individualized student evaluation meetings to give a full-fledged overview of the student’s academic status.

SABIS® Corporate Monitoring System

The Corporate Monitoring System (CMS) allows for the effective monitoring of two or more schools simultaneously through an at-a-glance tool, which provides a user-friendly view of all academic and discipline problems at any school instantly. Data monitored by CMS includes weekly overall subject average and school enrollment details, making sure the personnel responsible for managing several schools are able to stay in touch with the smallest academic detail of each of their schools from the comfort of their office or home.

SABIS® WebSchool

SABIS® WebSchool is a portal for parents, students, and teachers to stay in touch with their school community from the convenience of their own home.

Students are easily updated on the latest news and events in their schools and get a comprehensive roundup about their academic life. They can check their schedule through their own calendar that displays homework details with due dates, and get an overview of their academic progress. They can also access a range of downloadable practice materials to prepare for future exams.

Parents, on the other hand, can access essential details about their children’s school performance, on both academic and disciplinary levels, as well as their Student Life participation. They can view announcements about events, and homework assigned to their children. Parents can also see a detailed school calendar, which displays public holidays and exam dates, and have the ability to update their profile, including contact information.

Teachers also use WebSchool to view their course schedule, assign homework, and monitor the performance of their students with the click of a button.