SABIS Student Life Organization®

Licensees are entitled and encouraged to implement the SABIS Student Life Organization® (SLO®), a student-led society that empowers students to hold responsibility for many aspects of student life. Students in SLO® take charge of a variety of academic and non-academic activities including tutoring other students; planning athletic activities; planning social events; organizing community service projects, and being involved in the school newspaper and school yearbook. Student Life allows students the unique opportunity to experience real-life work, responsibility, and accountability, while facilitating emotional, social, and moral growth. Thanks to their participation in SLO®, students have enriched experiences, increasing their chances of being accepted to a university of their choice and positioning them for success later in life.

When students are actively involved in their own education, they come to value the dynamic role they play, giving a boost to their self-esteem and becoming more social. The benefits of SLO® also include a smoother, more efficient, and more productive day-to-day operation of licensed schools. Licensees implementing SLO® will notice enhanced rapport between students and staff, as both teams work together for a better school environment, leading to added value across all aspects of the school.