Training and Support

SABIS® provides a comprehensive training program for a licensee school’s leadership team, consisting of a School Director, Academic Quality Controllers, Student Life Coordinators, Special Education Coordinators, and IT Managers.

This training allows the leadership team to effectively manage the SABIS® licensing materials and procedures and to train teachers to effectively deliver the SABIS® curriculum. Training typically takes place in June and July at the SABIS® headquarters in Minnesota.

The main components of the training program are the following:

  • The World of SABIS®
  • Teaching Using the SABIS Point System®
  • All about SABIS® Exams
  • Essential Features of Academic Quality Control
  • Reports and Follow-up
  • In-class Materials (by subject)
  • The SABIS Student Life Organization®
  • SABIS® Information Technology

Dedicated E-mail and telephone support will be provided to a licensing school during the start-up period and throughout the academic year.

Additional training and support services will be available upon request.