Using a range of SABIS®’s diagnostic tools, students are admitted to the appropriate courses. We will look at this testing system as seen by the students, as well as the administration.


As a licensee, you will have access to the full range of SABIS® diagnostic tests to ensure that students enter a learning environment that is ideal for them and to ensure that they are on the right track for college entry. Students take SABIS® diagnostic tests to detect specific learning gaps that impede progress and allow for those gaps to be addressed. Diagnostic tests assess essential knowledge from previous grades to determine whether the student has the knowledge required for the grade to which he or she is applying.


The administration looks closely at the needs of each student, striving to place students in classes that work best for the students' needs. The most important consideration for placement is a student’s academic background.

A licensee may offer several forms of academic support to students who are found to be academically behind, including the following:

- Intensive class placement, designed to help students fill pre-existing gaps in knowledge

- Tutoring

- Additional study sessions.