About SABIS®

With roots in the 19th century, SABIS® has a solid foundation in the world of global education management. The SABIS® K-12 curriculum has been developed and refined for over 127 years.

The foundation of the SABIS® curriculum is its comprehensive educational book series, which is composed of over 1,800 books. Complementing the books are teacher-support materials, exams, academic reports, and IT products, which can be licensed in part or as a whole. Licensee schools benefit from the ready-made SABIS® curriculum and cutting-edge education management tools, which have demonstrated academic success over many years.

The scalability of the SABIS® model has allowed enrollment figures to reach 63,000 students in 15 countries on four continents, proving that the SABIS® school model can be successful anywhere.

SABIS® has shown extraordinary results in U.S. charter schools, where students predominately come from underprivileged backgrounds, of which many are African American or Hispanic.